Robbie Shackelford – HUF Director

Robbie was born on October 16 and has been with HUF since 1988. He loves to paint, especially while listening to James Taylor, Andrea Piazza or Jazz. His personal motto is "Love one another", which he displays by example on a daily basis in the way he treats others. 

"You will not meet another set of people who will take care of you or love you with the love of Christ like this staff."  -Bo

”Some of my favorite moments at HUF were walking into Robbie's office and just talking about life. No matter what, I always felt that I could go in there and just talk about whatever was on my mind. He was never too busy to listen.”  –Rebekah

"Robbie and Mona are the greatest people you may ever meet. They work so hard to plan trips, plan classes, and plan activities, so that your semester will not be wasted. You get to do so many fun things because of them! They are available and approachable, so if you have any concerns, or if you're homesick, go talk with them and let them brighten up your day."  -Rebecca



Ramona Shackelford – Italian Teacher

"Mona" was born on February 27 and has been with HUF since 1988. She's an Italian teacher who lives out her personal motto: "Be adventuresome!"

”Mona is one of the funniest people ever. She is also an awesome Italian teacher with great taste in music and a killer voice”  – Sarah

“Mona is one of my favorite people I have ever met! At HUF, I loved the fact that she would always "tell you how it is," but you always knew it was in love and most likely laughed with her about it. But, when you are missing home she is the one who will listen and take her time to make sure you doing okay.” Rebekah

“Mona can make anyone laugh and make anyone feel right at home. She and Robbie were always so inviting and loving. You couldn't ask for better directors.” – Sarah


Silvia Barbieri – Secretary & Accountant

Silvia is a native of Scandicci (Florence) and has been with HUF since 1997. Her birthday is October 21, when we celebrate the wonderful way she's lived out her personal motto, "Always do your best."

”I can't say how many times Silvia offered to mail things, give directions, or give general support. She definitely helps make HUF run smoothly and efficiently.” –Sarah

“If you have any kind of problem, whether it is money, Italian culture, the language, trains, and the list could on and on, Silvia is incredibly helpful and always makes you feel like you aren't interrupting her day! To me, she is the epitome of having a gentle spirit and being a servant!” – Rebekah

"Sylvia is always smiling. She is so helpful and always happy to help with Italian phrases or lifts down the hill. She is so caring and loves others well."  - Ellie



Sandro Guiducci – Grounds Manager

Sandro's birthday is June 23 and he's been with HUF since 2000. Beyond enriching the grounds and landscape of the villa, Sandro enriches the lives of the students and those around him. His work speaks for itself and it's reflected in his motto, "Do it right the first time!"

”Sandro is awesome. His Halloween hay ride was sweet!" – Sarah

“One of my favorite memories about Sandro was one day that I was walking to Scandicci and it started raining about five minutes into the walk, and I hadn't brought an umbrella. Then Sandro pulls up and gave me a ride into town. That's just how he is, always there when you need him, and always willing to help!” – Rebekah

"I don't even know all that Sandro did because he is always working, but he always does it with a cheerful attitude."  -- Tanner

"Sandro is the man who helps maintain the villa and grounds. He's one of the friendliest, most hardworking people I've ever met. If you have any maintenance issues, Sandro will quickly come to the rescue."  -Rebecca


Paola Graziani – Housing

Paola celebrates her birthday on July 22 and has been with HUF since 2002. Her kind spirit and constant smile make the villa a better place to live. As she loves to say, "Family and friends make every day special."

“Even though we couldn't always communicate with words, Paola always let me know how much she cared about me, whether it was with a huge smile, pretending to understand my attempts at Italian, or even taking the time to hand mend my clothes (twice)!“ – Rebekah

"Paola and Leda were like our Italian mothers for the semester.  Nothing could have happened without them and they truly make the Vila feel like home.  I felt like I couldn't tell them 'grazie' enough."  - Toria


Leda Carrai – Cook

Leda's birthday is on January 3 and she's been with HUF since 2006. The great things you hear about the food in the villa are true, and Leda's responsible for it. Many students live by her motto, "Enjoy life and eat well!"

”Doing kitchen clean up, I always wanted to have lunch duties instead of supper, because the ladies were still there. Leda would always help me clean up and try to help me with my Italian at the same time! Also, towards the end of the semester when it got really busy, she would always do most of the work before I had the chance to. I love her smile!” – Rebekah

“Food couldn’t  get any better if Julia Child had made it herself. With Leda’s personality and love for life, everyday was a treat.” – Sarah

"Paola and Leda are the best. They cook the best food you'll ever have in your life, and they work diligently to ensure that all your stinky laundry is washed. They cook so many noodles and wash so many clothes! You're really getting the royal treatment because of them."  -Rebecca



Anna & Renata – Retired Staff Members

Anna Galassini and Renata Barbieri have touched the lives of countless  Harding Students for many years.  We are so thankful that they still continue to grace us with their presence from time to time.